Other Projects

Memoirs of a Hero

“Two men on opposite sides of the city have everything taken from them.  This is a story of the paths they chose next.”

Outline:  40%

Elsinore (Comic Book/Graphic Novel)

Cover art for the graphic novel “Elsinore”

“A strange town in the desolate wilderness of Texas holds a dark secret.  Two bands of people vie for power a midst a dark past and a darker future.”

Episode 1

“Welcome to Elsinore”

First Draft: 100%   Blocking: 100%

Episode 2

“Tim’s Children”

First Draft: 100%  Blocking:  100%

Episode 3

“The Wonderful Goodmans”

First Draft: 100%  Blocking:  100%

Episode 4

“The Gates of Hell”

First Draft:  100%  Blocking: 100%

Episode 5

“The Way Home”

First Draft:  100%  Blocking: 100%

Episode 6

“Broken Promises”

First Draft: 10%

The Pillars of Salt

“A reporter is sent to Hawaii to cover a series of murders.  She meets a homeless veteran who has dementia and PTSD, but he just might have the key to unlocking the mystery of the murders.”

Outline 30% complete

First Draft:  5% complete

Please contact me with any questions!


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