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The Power of Imagination

Quarantine Hopes and Woes

Holidays and the respectful respect of Dickens

Sunset of the Soul

Stories to put you in the mood for Halloween

The Potential

Ruminations on Life and Craft

On Writing Versus Storytelling

The Stylizing of Reading

Write What You Know

Game of Thrones, Storytelling, and Closure

Characters Welcome

Poetry Recommendations

The (Often) Ugly Days of the Early Writer

The Art of Cohesion

Singing the Mid-Story Blues

A New Spring

I Just Cant Put it Down!

The Best You’ve Never Heard

Where My Nerds At?

A Question of Importance

Straddling the Cusp of Enlightenment

The Construction of the Craft

The Rise of Literary Reading

The Meaning

JK Rowling and how to Sell Books

Top Ten Autumnal Books

Taking the Path More Traveled

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The Real Writing