Cover art for the graphic novel “Elsinore”


The Legacy

“An adventure novel following a number of treasure hunters, who are searching for the elusive Oak Island treasure.  When disaster strikes the dig, they must all work to stay alive, and try to understand the mystery of the island.”  Told in the vein of Dan Brown mixed with Indiana Jones.

Currently being published as a serial novel on Patreon (one to two chapters a month).

Outline:  80% complete.

Posted:  43% posted to Patreon


A View of the Edge of the World

“A collection of short stories ranging from the fantastic to the mundane, but all taking their characters to the edge their own realities.”



Elsie Jones Adventures: A children’s chapter book series

“15 book cycle following Elsie Jones as she travels through different books into literary and historical worlds”

The Elsie Jones Triology

Book 1:  Elsie Jones and the Book Pirates

Published 04/22/2017

Book 2:  Elsie Jones and the Revolutionary Rebels

Published  10/10/2017

Book 3:  Elsie Jones and the Captains Guard

Published 10/10/2018

Dark Cloak Triology

Book 4:  Elsie Jones and the Westward Adventurers

To be published late April 2019

Book 5:  Elsie Jones and the Transylvania Twist

To be published October 2019

Book 6:  Elsie Jones and the London Fog

100% Complete

The Prince Trilogy

Book 7:  Elsie Jones and the Seven Dark Samurai

100% Complete

Book 8:  Elsie Jones and The Last Knight

100% Complete

Book 9:  Elsie Jones and King Tut’s Treasure

100% Complete

Cully Trilogy

Book 10:  Elsie Jones and Odd Oz

100% Complete

Book 11:  Elsie Jones and The Amazing Odyssey

100% Complete

Book 12:  Elsie Jones and the Ancestor’s Hideout

Outline 100% complete

The Traveller’s Triology

Book 13:  Elsie Jones and the Amazing Merlin

Outline 50% complete

Book 14:  Elsie Jones and the New World

Outline 10% complete

Book 15: Elsie Jones and the Dark Truth

Outline 20% complete




The Revolution Trilogy

Book of Antiquity (Book 1)

“An adventure/ fantasy/steam punk novel which questions the purpose and rights of both science and religion.  A boy, his mother and a mysterious stranger battle against a kingdom in a struggle to find the meaning of truth.”

Outline: 100%    First Draft:  100%  Second Draft:  100% Third Draft: 10%

Arthur’s Tale (Book 2)

“Continuing where The Book of  Antiquity left off.  This book follows the warriors as they traverse the world and step deeper into the mystery of what Councilor Pendragon is trying to do”

Outline:  30%

World On Fire (Book 3)

“The conclusion of the Revolution Trilogy”

Outline: 5%

The Dark Trilogy

Dark (Book 1)

“A book questioning the strength of the human soul.  What would happen if the sun and all electricity went away?  Travel with the survivors as they fight the dark, the cold …and each other.  This world generated We proud, We few a short story from A View of the Edge of the World.

Outline:  100%   First Draft:  8%

The Company (Book 2)

“Delving deeper into the world of Dark and it’s survivors and thier search for solace.”

Outline:  5%

Daylight (Book 3)

“The conclusion of the epic Dark Trilogy.  Answers come for the survivors, whether they want them…or not.”

Outline:  5%

Memoirs of a Hero

“Two men on opposite sides of the city have everything taken from them.  This is a story of the paths they chose next.”

Outline:  40%



Prometheus Project  (The Revolution Trilogy 0.5)

“This tells the story of Robert and the “Scientific Renaissance;” Arthur Peabody and his brother Peter.  Of Lowman Pendragon’s horrible rise to power and the creation of the Book of Antiquity.  This book tells the story of Morgh creation and it chronicles the “Great Separation.”  *Update*  The Prometheus Project has now become a series of its own.

Outline: 30%


Elsinore (Comic Book/Graphic Novel)

“A strange town in the desolate wilderness of Texas holds a dark secret.  Two bands of people vie for power a midst a dark past and a darker future.”

Episode 1

“Welcome to Elsinore”

First Draft: 100%   Blocking: 100%

Episode 2

“Tim’s Children”

First Draft: 100%  Blocking:  100%

Episode 3

“The Wonderful Goodmans”

First Draft: 100%  Blocking:  100%

Episode 4

“The Gates of Hell”

First Draft:  100%  Blocking: 100%

Episode 5

“The Way Home”

First Draft:  100%  Blocking: 100%


Episode 6

“Broken Promises”

First Draft: 10%





The Pillars of Salt

“A reporter is sent to Hawaii to cover a series of murders.  She meets a homeless veteran who has dementia and PTSD, but he just might have the key to unlocking the mystery of the murders.”

Outline 30% complete

First Draft:  5% complete


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