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Sean McBride is published in a multitude of venues.  He has been published previously in magazines and book collections and even wrote a movie. His first book was published in 2010 by the title “A View of the Edge of the World.”  It was a collection of short stories based heavily on the Twilight Zone.  “View” won the Editor’s choice award and is up for a reader’s choice award from the publisher iUniverse.

He has since written a series of children’s chapter books entitled “Elsie Jones Adventures” and is on currently writing a serial adventure novel, in the vein of Indiana Jones and Dan Brown entitled “The Legacy.”

If you are looking for more stories in the vein of A View of the Edge of the World, go over to the website:

There is quite a bit of content, and I will have a few stories posted there as well!

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  • Dark Times
  • HBE Publishing
  • National Library of Poetry

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