A Song for Baby

While I work on the edits for “a place you cant come back from” I thought I’d give you another Bowling Alley poem.  In my opinion this one, “First Date” and “Sullen, but not quite repentant” are the quintessential “radio hits.”  They represent, more than anything else I was writing at the time, the attitude and demeanor I held during this time period. It’s risque but somehow dry, with that ever present youthful anger.  Enjoy…



A Song For Baby

Your Pedantic search for truth

through unsuspecting lives,

leaves girls wondering

faith and cosmopolitan sexuality;

leaves men pondering God,

in tumultuous copulation.

The vulturous squalor

of your predatory eyes,

the death you feel in age;

the uncouth joy you find in


I see the innocence,

the pure unkempt


in your smile.

The only vestige of

the life you desire.

You perspire and

extrapolate the need and desire of

men and boys.

The purpose your life has


With grasping limbs

and intertwining extremities

the pulse of distinctive,

and purely diabolic,

hearts pound in unison.

The power and force of

your vapid conjointedness

juxtaposes reality.

You ask for Faith

You ask for Belief

You ask for Hope

Why don’t you realize

these are pronouncements

only for the Holy?

What you really crave

what you really hunger for

is Desire.

That lust in a young man’s eye

The postulation behind the


That un-touched

That un-satiated

That un-natural


The type which doesn’t exist!

What you love is lust,

but what lust could love?

When is a lecher good?

When is lasciviousness absolute?

With your talk of luxurious tapetries

and proportions of men…

Wallet or otherwise.

The vivaciousness of women

competent  or otherwise,

of your overwhelming

denigrating Power.

Your false Hubris

Do you know?

How weak?



How useless it is?




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